About 500 deniers arrested in Berlin in unauthorized protests against anticovid measures

Several thousand people have participated this Sunday in Berlin in various unauthorized protests against restrictions to contain the coronavirus pandemic with a provisional balance of around five hundred arrests, the media report. As indicated by the Berlin police on their Twitter account, hundreds of protesters, who wanted to participate on foot in a caravan of cars in protest against the anticovid measures that did have the approval of the authorities, gathered this morning in an action spontaneous unauthorized.

Speaking to the regional network rbb, police spokesman Thilo Cablitz spoke of up to two thousand protesters. The police indicated that the protesters tried to break the police cordons and isolate the officers, for which the security forces used tear gas and batons.

“In various parts of the west of the city there are still large groups of people trying to concentrate and get going. Our barriers are being ignored and officers are being attacked. There have been arrests,” police tweeted shortly before 14.00 hours.

In the afternoon, another two thousand people gathered around the Victory Column, in the central street of June 17, an avenue that starts from the Brandenburg Gate and crosses the Tiergarten park, despite the fact that the authorities had prohibited previously the concentration convened by the “Querdenken 711” initiative, which was intended to be attended by up to 22,500 participants.

The High Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg confirmed on Saturday the prohibition of 17 demonstrations called for this Sunday by anticovid movements, made up mostly of deniers and ‘conspirators’, considering that respect for hygiene and distancing measures was not guaranteed.

The police have deployed up to 2,250 officers in the German capital to ensure compliance with the bans and break up possible unauthorized concentrations. Cablitz had already indicated in the morning that the police monitor the entire city, aware that there will be “decentralized actions.”


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