About 200 Japanese evacuated from Wuhan arrive in Tokyo

A plane with about 200 Japanese people living in the Chinese city of Wuhan arrived today in Tokyo as part of an operation to evacuate hundreds of Japanese who have asked to return to their country because of the outbreak of coronavirus that emerged in that city.

The charter flight landed early today at Haneda International Airport and it is expected that in the next few hours there will be other similar flights to evacuate a total of 650 Japanese residing in Wuhan.

The evacuation is part of the special measures taken by the Japanese Government to deal with pneumonia caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus that emerged in Wuhan and has affected seven people in Japan.

Six of those infected are Chinese who had arrived from Wuhan and there is also a Japanese who was driving a tourist bus from that Chinese city in the first half of January. None of the infected has died.

According to the public television network NHK, the nearly 200 Japanese evacuated today were checked aboard the Boeing 767 that brought them back to Tokyo to analyze possible symptoms of the pneumonia caused by the coronavirus.

Those with symptoms will be transferred to a hospital and those who do not have them will be taken to a different health center for further evaluation.

Another flight from Tokyo to Wuhan is expected to depart tonight to continue the evacuation of the Japanese who are there. The first flight sent by the Japanese authorities brought masks and protective suits to that Chinese city.

According to the latest official balance of infected people released in Beijing, the outbreak of coronavirus has already infected 5,974 people in China and killed 132 victims. Only on Tuesday there were 26 dead.


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