About 2.1 million of the oldest publications on the Internet are available

About 2.1 million Usenet posts shared between February 1981 and June 1991, which could be the oldest on the Internet, are now available 'online' for anyone to consult.

Usenet is a global discussion system on the internet It gets its name from the words User Network (user network, in English) and was created in 1979 by two students from Duke University, in the United States. This system, which to this day it is still active, was used to exchange news, although now it is used mainly to share and download files.

Now, Jozef Jarosciak, a systems architect who worked for Usenet, has uploaded about 2.1 million posts to the Internet that were made between February 1981 and June 1991, as reported by the Vice portal.

Jarosciak last month launched a website called Usenet Archive to host groups independently from Google Groups and also has newsgroup archives Usenet.

Currently owns 317 million posts in 10,000 groups unique news items on Usenet and its creator estimates it will reach 1 billion posts.

"This treasure of ancient publications should be available for future generations," Jarosciak said. "These hundreds of millions of posts They may be fun to read, but more importantly, shed light on the thought process of the internet community in its early stages, "he added.


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