About 180 migrants arrive in Lampedusa and UNHCR serves another 70 in Libya

Some 180 migrants have arrived in the last hours on the Italian island of Lampedusa (south) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reported today that it has served another 70 who wanted to reach Europe, but were assisted and returned to Libya.

Migration flows to Europe from Africa continue across the Mediterranean and in the last 24 hours seven barges have reached the coast of Lampedusa with a total of almost 180 migrants on board, local media report.

In parallel, another 70 people have been rescued a few miles off the coast of Libya by the coastguards of the country and returned to Libya where they have been treated by UNHCR medical teams.

UNHCR warned on Saturday that a barge was in danger after overturning in the Mediterranean and today has indicated on social networks that people on board were rescued by the Libyan Coast Guard.

"Two people are in critical condition. We reiterate that Libya is not a safe port to disembark," said the organization.

UNHCR spokeswoman in Italy, Carlotta Sami, estimated at 950 the dead in the Mediterranean so far this year and stressed the need to quickly provide a safe solution to these people.

Germany, France, Italy and Malta have reached a temporary agreement to manage migratory flows in the central Mediterranean, a project for which they have not had Greece and Spain, also important recipients of migratory flows.

These four countries will present the plan on October 8 in Luxembourg to the other European partners and aim to try to add as many as possible.

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