Abidal’s wife would have already threatened Hamraoui two years ago

Eric Abidal, in a file image.

Eric Abidal, in a file image.

The sports newspaper ‘L’Équipe’ has reported that Kheira Hamraoui it had threatened sense two years ago by the environment of Hayet Abidal, the wife of the former defense and former technical secretary of the Football Club Barcelona Eric Abidal. An investigating judge will be appointed Tuesday to lead the investigation into this grim case. The agents they contemplate several hypotheses behind the attack on the PSG footballer, a former Barça player, and one of them is revenge for an alleged romantic relationship between Abidal and Hamraoui.

One of the actors related to this track is the second of the detainees In the past week. In addition to Aminata Diallo, whose arrest on November 10 revealed this convoluted event and initially pointed to the possibility of a beating organized by sports jealousy, another man was questioned in Lyon. According to the main sports daily in France, this would be a certain “Haha”, currently imprisoned for another case in the city of the Rhone. He “had exercised two years ago as a peacemaker after a request from Kheira Hamraoui, who felt in danger, even threatened, by the environment of Eric Abidal’s wife, ”says L’Équipe.

However, the hypothesis of a revenge by the Abidal environment is only “One track among others”, the prosecution has specified. Both Eric Abidal, twice European champion with Barça, and Hayet Abidal could be questioned as witnesses for this confusing matter, in the same way as other people. No one has been charged in the case yet. Police have not yet succeeded in arresting the two hooded men who beat Hamraoui, making the investigation difficult.

Very incipient investigation of the case

The PSG midfielder, who had played the last three seasons at Barça, was attacked on November 4 in the evening in Paris on the way home from a team dinner. It was committed by two men armed with iron bars who opened the door of the vehicle that his partner Diallo was driving and in which Hamraoui was accompanying him. The scandal has caused a commotion in PSG, current champion of the national competition, which lost 6-1 on Sunday against Olympique Lyon, his great rival, after a crazy week in women’s football in France.

After what Diallo was detained for 36 hours and the possibility of revenge for sports jealousy is contemplated, now those responsible for the investigation are examining the Abidal path, as revealed on Monday by the newspaper ‘Le Monde’. “So we slept with married men?” The assailants allegedly told Hamraoui as they beat her.

But the incipient state of the investigation invites caution. In fact, the prosecution has only planned to question Eric and Hayet as witnesses. “If Eric Abidal is summoned in the framework of the investigation, he will undoubtedly answer all the questions that will be asked,” said Olivier Martin, a lawyer for the former Barça player, who denied “most firmly” any implication of his client in the aggression of the PSG player.


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