Abidal’s wife asks to testify voluntarily to “put an end to the rumor”

Aminata Diallo and Kheira Hamraoui, in an image from this season.

Hayet Abidal, wife of former Barça player Eric Abidal, has been one of the last names to come to light during the investigation of the case on Kheira Hamraoui. One of the hypotheses that are handled is a possible revenge of the current wife of the French for an alleged infidelity. It was because of this that Hayet Abidal, through his lawyer, has asked voluntarily declare with the idea of ​​”ending the rumor” which puts his name on the Hamraoui case.

Hayet Abidal’s lawyer says that “already on Monday he asked the Versailles prosecutor’s office to be questioned to put an end to the rumor.” In addition, the lawyer wanted to add that his client has nothing to do with the case: “Hayet Abidal has nothing to do with these facts. She will not comment on this case and wishes to be heard as soon as possible by the investigators or the magistrate in charge of the case. ”

The main reason for Abidal’s wife’s involvement in the case was that Hamraoui’s phone chip was in Abidal’s name when the player was the victim of the attack, on November 4.

Hamraoui, has asked through a press release that their privacy be respected and wished that the investigations would continue their course normally.


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