Abidal apologizes to his wife after his infidelity: “I deserve the humiliation”

The former player and sports director of Barcelona and former French international Éric Abidal asked his wife for forgiveness on Tuesday, who has requested a divorce after he allegedly confessed to him having been unfaithful, and assured that he deserves the “humiliation”.

“Forgive me. Your decision does not matter, you will continue to be in my eyes the woman of my life, and especially the mother of our wonderful children. I deserve this humiliation even though he is killing me alive, “the former footballer told Hayet Abidal in a message on his account. Instagram.

The wife has announced that will ask for a divorce after he supposedly admitted that he kept una extramarital relationship with the soccer player of the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Kheira Hamraoui, attacked at the beginning of the month. In a statement sent to EFE, Hayet’s lawyers pointed out that he confessed that infidelity after the Versailles Prosecutor’s Office, which is investigating the attack, announced that the player’s phone chip was in Abidal’s name.

Hamraoui and Abidal coincided in Barcelona, ​​since the 31-year-old player was in the Catalan entity from 2018 to June 2021 and the ex-footballer, 42, was a Blaugrana sports director between 2018 and 2020.

The different clues explored by the investigators have ended up pointing to their relationship: Hamraoui and PSG player Aminata Diallo, who witnessed the blows, heard one of the assailants say: “So what’s up? Do we sleep with married men?“.

On the night of the attack, after a dinner organized by PSG, Hamraoui was returning home in a car driven by Diallo and in which another player was also present. The masked men opened a door Hamraoui was forcibly removed and beaten before fleeing.

The investigators, according to the French sports press, questioned Diallo about the possibility that she hired the two hitmen to injure Hamraoui and thus gain his starting position at PSG and consolidate himself in the French national team, since both occupy similar positions. as defensive midfielders. But Diallo was released without charge after questioning and now other hypotheses are being explored.

As reported by media such as ‘Le Monde’ or ‘Le Parisien’, the Versailles prosecutor, Maryvonne Caillibotte, has confirmed that Abidal will be “soon” questioned and does not rule out that the former footballer’s wife will also be summoned.


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