July 29, 2021

Abertis will pay 165 euros to each affected by the collapse of the AP-6 last January | Economy

Abertis will pay 165 euros to each affected by the collapse of the AP-6 last January | Economy

Iberpistas, a company of the Abertis group concessionaire of the AP-6 toll road, will pay a compensation of 165 euros to each of the people who were affected by the collapse of this road due to a snowfall almost a year ago, the first weekend of 2018, coinciding with the return of the Christmas holidays.

The payment is the result of the agreement that the company has reached with the different organizations and platforms that channeled the claims of those affected, which add up to 4,000, according to sources from the company.

Specifically, under the agreement, Iberpistas will pay each of the claimants, once they have proven that they were affected by the collapse and the highway cut due to snowfall, an amount of 165 euros in concept of moral damages.

In addition, will pay 22 euros per vehicle, and the estimated amount of material damage and damage that each traveler can prove, such as the loss of a trip or assistance to a show contracted, as detailed by the OCU, one of the organizations that they have reached the agreement with Iberpistas.

4,000 affected claimed

The concessionaire assures that this agreement covers the 4,000 affected who have so far filed claims, but it is open for those who still want to present them.

However, in order to receive compensation, they must prove and prove that they were trapped on the AP-6 due to the collapse that the road registered the first weekend of this year before an intense snowfall.

Iberpistas sources indicated that the agreement with the affected associations is signed by "a matter of sensitivity" to them and not the result of the assumption of any responsibility, given that, they say, "all the relevant protocols were applied for these cases and they contacted all the necessary agents. "

The agreement between the concessionaire and those affected is reached after the Ministry of Development recently imposed a second fine on the company of 15,000 euros for the "damages and losses" caused by the traffic cut of the AP-6 registered.

New sanctions regime

This fine is added to the one of 1,200 euros that in May already imposed on the subsidiaries of Abertis the Delegation of the Government in the Concessionaire Companies of Highways

This is the maximum penalty that the Highway Law established for a serious infraction at the time of the collapse, between January 5 and 8 of this year.

However, the Government has just approved a new sanctioning regime for these cases that multiplies this maximum fine by twenty. In particular, from now on the motorways will face fines of up to 300,000 euros if there are cuts in the roads of more than two hours in one day.

Regarding the agreement reached between the concessionaire and those affected, the OCU considers "acceptable" the compensation, although it is "inferior" to the one that this consumer defense association claimed.


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