July 29, 2021

Abertis plans to lay off 175 workers on its highways in Catalonia

The Abertis infrastructure group has informed the unions of its intention to carry out an Employment Regulation File (ERE) in the Acesa, Aucat and Invicat motorway companies that would result in the dismissal of 175 workers in Catalonia.

The UGT union has reported that the Abertis management has justified the ERE for technical, organizational and productive reasons, claiming, for example, the decrease in the volume of cash transactions and the consolidation of toll automation.

The layoffs would affect 125 workers in Acesa, 35 in Invicat and 15 in Aucat, who mainly carry out their tasks in tolls.

The unions reject the layoffs and have constituted a single negotiating table for the three companies, with the aim of jointly defending the interests of the workers.

After the communication of the ERE to the workers on February 14 and the constitution of the negotiating table on the 20th, the first of the ERE negotiation meetings has been held today and another one is scheduled for February 27 .

Unions have proposed to reduce the impact of the ERE and combat its forced nature.


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