Abertis opts for a "soft" toll system on all Spanish highways

Abertis opts for a "soft" toll system on all Spanish highways


Abertis is committed to pricing the Spanish high capacity network. The CEO of the concessionaire, José Aljaro, highlighted this Monday, as part of the XI Meeting of the Infrastructure Sector, organized by ABC and Deloitte, which "The current financing of the motorways is not sustainable" and it is necessary to "impose soft tolls on the entire network".

This proposal, according to Aljaro, has the support of political parties, which privately "agree" with the imposition of tolls. Of course, the manager has also recognized, in the colloquium in which he has participated, that there is no real will to carry it out due to the social rejection it could generate.

For Aljaro, a technological system that articulates this initiative is necessary, for example through cameras that recognize license plates and speed up the payment of these fees. The director stressed that this system is necessary because much of Europe is already being carried out. «It is not fair that the truckers who come from Europe We destroy the highways without paying anything. A Spanish truck driver when traveling to Europe has to pay, "he said.

The proposal of the director Abertis has been supported by the other participants of his colloquium. The CEO of Globalvia, Javier Pérez Fortea, considered that "barriers should not be erected on any highway without knowing what model these roads will have in the future. Nobody doubts that you have to pay for the telephone and the light, but yes, it is questionable to pay for a highway»

For his part, the CEO of Roadis, José Antonio Labarra has advocated "putting the experience of the sector at the disposal of governments", putting in value systems such as the technology platforms of these dealers.

The payment for use is a model that was already claimed by the employers of the sector, Seopan. The Government itself has acknowledged that it is studying this system, although it has linked its application to the next legislature. In addition, he stressed that this measure would have to be supported by all political parties. This Monday, the Secretary General of Infrastructures, Julián López Milla, highlighted in the Forum that between 2012 and 2017 there was a maintenance deficit on the motorways of 200 million.

Political stability

Investment funds, for their part, have asked for stability in Spain. Different representatives of institutional firms, which have gained weight in the infrastructure sector in recent years, have demanded on Tuesday a State pact in this sector so that "the political changes do not knock down the projects on going".

It is the message that these companies have wanted to convey at the XI Meeting of the Infrastructure Sector, organized by ABC and Deloitte. «It is time to enjoy that there is money in the market. You have to design projects that are realistic and that respond to objectives. At the moment it is not being done, "Sergio Rodríguez, director for Spain and Portugal of Meridiam Infrastructuras, explained at a symposium.

Rodriguez wanted to abound in this message pointing out that "we are wasting time. Right now the cost of a project is a 40% cheaper for such low rates What's in the market? Following this same line, the DIF partner Fernando Moreno, has pointed out that infrastructures are "the skeleton of a country" and has asked for "a stable framework" so that investments do not slow down.


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