Abengoa will apply an ERTE that could affect some 770 employees in Spain

Abengoa will apply a Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) to around 30% of its workforce in Spain and 15% of its employees in the rest of the world due to the coronavirus crisis, although the company has not detailed it, it could affect some 770 employees in our country.

According to a statement from the firm, these measures "have a temporary and extraordinary nature and will be articulated through temporary files, while this exceptional situation lasts, carried out with the aim of adapting the structure to the actual load of activity at the moment, so that all functions can be sufficiently attended ".

As of September 30, 2019, this business group had a total of 2,574 employees in Spain, 17% of a total of 15,250 employees worldwide, a spokesperson for Abengoa has informed Efe.

The business group has specified that the files will not be of general concern but "particularly applied by functions, always preserving the performance of the operations and services necessary to fulfill our commitments vis-à-vis third parties."

In addition, the board and the management team of Abengoa will reduce their remuneration by 20%, the fractional payment of the 2018 variables will also be suspended (the 2019 variable has already been canceled), until the alarm status ends, "contributing to that way to help employees affected by this situation and protect the company's liquidity, "according to the source.

Abengoa has indicated that each unit and each project is adapting to the circumstances and the impact produced by COVID-19 and has ensured that it continues, today, most of its projects, although it has recognized that the situation The coronavirus crisis is very changeable in the various countries, due to the decisions being made by their authorities, as well as due to the decisions of customers and the shortage of supplies.

In the note, he stressed that he has prioritized the health of his employees around the world at all times, "with exhaustive monitoring and taking all necessary measures based on the instructions and recommendations issued by the authorities in each country." EFECOM


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