Abel Matutes : «There is an environmentalism that wants to destroy well-being»

“I hate the beach. I hate the sun. I hate everything that looks like Ibiza. And I love Ibiza and it is my dearest destination. "Well, you tell it, you're more graceful." —You are from Ibiza. —Some friends still surprise me when they take me to see a corner of the island that I didn't know. Ibiza is yours. —My family are proud Ibizans and we have many assets, but if you look at the GDP of the island, it is not as much as people think. —I love Ibiza but it is very expensive. -It's the law of supply and demand. Ibiza is in high demand, it is very attractive. People are willing to pay more to be here. -Why? —There are people who, I swear, are serious, who say that this island has a special magnetism and that when you set foot on it, you immediately notice that you want to spend a lot of time here. —I have the feeling, what I don't have is the money. —But Ibiza also has its sword of Damocles. The costs are more expensive than in other places. The standard of living of the worker is higher, bringing the materials is more expensive because they come by boat, etc. There was a time when we had hotels closed even in summer because the numbers did not come out, being more expensive than in Andalusia or on the Costa Brava. —Then there are the environmentalists, the most expensive fools in the world. —I distinguish between well-understood environmentalism that helps the tourist entrepreneur to preserve the charm of the island, which in the end is why tourists come to see us; and misunderstood environmentalism, which takes the banner of the environment to go against business and destroy the well-being of many families who live from tourism. —And the forests are loaded, too. —Intelligent people understand that rich countries are the ones that best take care of their forests. A healthy economy takes care of nature. —My success in nightclubs is easily described. But there is a fantastic Ibiza for my family and for me that the nightlife propaganda did not let me see. —It's true, but let's not fall into the tremendous mistake of a certain political class, which by advertising the quiet leisure of Ibiza, attacks nightlife. We are the best destination in the world for nightlife. —Those from Mykonos returned to Ibiza. 'They never left Ibiza, actually. Mykonos is a good destination, but smaller than us. It is our competition. They have worked very well, and there is a market for both. — Marbella. “It's another fantastic destination. It's a hit. It bothers me that in order to speak well of Ibiza, Marbella is criticized, and vice versa. —Marbella is sensational, but it seems that it already has everything done and manages it. On the other hand, Ibiza looks like a young woman who still doesn't know what she will be when she is older. —Marbella has a longer stay tourist, not so seasonal, more from home. Ibiza looks younger because it is constantly changing. The Ibizan businessman responds quickly to new trends. But we are not going to grow much in terms of visitors. The law is very restrictive. —The environmentalists again. “Again the need for a positive balance. "Couldn't you fix the Talamanca beach for me?" Nobu and I deserve better. "It's very pretty in winter. —Yes, but in winter Nobu is closed. “The administration could take better care of her, it's true. -Smells bad. —The emissary is not very far from there and it releases water that is not completely purified. —Ibiza is lengthening the summer season more and more. Will it soon stop being a seasonal destination? —I dream about it but I don't get to see it as close as I'd like. —A serious winter offer is missing. —When you remove the navigation and the beach, it is true that something is missing. -An amusement park. —It is true that we have somewhat neglected family leisure. —No, if I ask for it for myself. —I think more of a couple of good golf courses. —Tell that to the ecologists, to see if they come up with the good ones or the bad ones. —Well, the idea I had of building a zoo with dolphins and such, I won't even mention it to you.

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