ABC Suspends Whoopi Goldberg For Two Weeks Over Holocaust Comment

The American television channel ABC suspended this Tuesday the actress and host of her show 'The View' for two weeks for uA comment in which he denied that the Holocaust was racially motivated.

In a statement, ABC News President Kim Godwin announced suspension immediately and for two weeks for Goldberg's "wrong and mournful comments".

On Monday, during a conversation with commentators on his show, Goldberg, who is African-American, denied that the Holocaust had to do with the race of the Jews considering that it was white people killing other white people.

"Let's be faithful to the truth. The Holocaust had nothing to do with race. The Holocaust represents the inhumanity of man, but it has nothing to do with race. It was whites killing whites"Goldberg said on the show.

That same day in the afternoonthe actress apologized in Twitter and indicated that the Holocaust was indeed racially motivated because the Nazis considered Jews a distinct and inferior race.

The president of ABC News racknowledged Goldberg's apology, But he said he asked him to take time to "reflect and learn about the impact of his comments."

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