Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Abascal starts in Covadonga his particular "reconquest" of Spain

Abascal inicia en Covadonga su particular “reconquista” de España

Santiago Abascal chose Covadonga to start his particular "reconquest" of Spain. The campaign of the leader of Vox started in Cangas de Onís in the Santa Cueva de Covadonga with an offering to the Santina accompanied by numerous followers. Abascal's journey continued alongside the statue of Don Pelayo, the first monarch of the kingdom of Asturias, who began the Reconquest precisely at the Battle of Covadonga in 722.

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Megaphone in hand, Abascal went there to those present and remembered the verses of the hymn of Covadonga: "Our parents their eyes to You returned and a country in your eyes guessed", he said to later vindicate the "powerful symbolism" of the place. And the Vox candidates pulled yesterday's symbolism. The head of list for Burgos began the campaign in the statue of El Cid; that of Girona, under that of Mariano Álvarez de Castro, and that of Barcelona, ​​together with Timbaler del Bruc.

Abascal took the opportunity to claim that the general elections on April 28 "will be historic" because it will debate "the very existence of Spain, whose liberties are attacked by progressives, Islamists and communists." This was how the extreme right-wing leader expressed himself while his followers shouted cries of "Viva España!"

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