Abascal returns to Covadonga to vindicate the past and the unity of Spain

Abascal returns to Covadonga to vindicate the past and the unity of Spain

The leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, has again chosen Covadonga, cradle of the Reconquista, to start a campaign in which he will bet for the defense of the unity of Spain and will make it clear that he will never ask for forgiveness "for the works that our elders did throughout the centuries. "

As he had done four years ago, Abascal wanted his first electoral act after the posting of posters last night was in this corner of the National Park of the Picos de Europa where he has held a wreath before the Virgin of Covadonga, "La Santina ", at whose feet she has knelt and prayed.

While in the 2015 campaign the act went unnoticed, this time the expectations deposited in Vox have been reflected in the presence of more than half a thousand followers gathered in front of the basilica of the Real Sitio with flags, umbrellas or hats from Spain.

He has addressed them, amid cries of ¡Viva España !, ¡Viva la Guardia Civil! and "Abascal president", to warn them that in the April 28 elections not a handful of deputies are at stake, but the unity of the country and the freedom of the Spaniards, "questioned by separatists, progressives, communists and Islamists."

Under the statue of Don Pelayo that stands in front of the basilica, Abascal has ensured that, although there are those who laugh at the symbols and think that Vox only wants to make a historical debate, in their party they have no shame in claiming the symbols.

The leader of Vox has stressed that the campaign of his party "is taking great mobilization tints" and that will not stop until the country of redness and represent the good people who are the Spaniards, but not to whom "to accede to power pacts with the separatists or with the friends of the terrorists, "referring to the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez.

From this enclave where, according to legend, the Reconquista began in 722 with the defeat of the Muslim troops at the hands of Don Pelayo, Abascal has moved to Oviedo where this afternoon he will offer his first campaign rally at the Palacio de Congresos of Oviedo, with capacity for more than 2,100 people.


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