March 4, 2021

Abascal reiterates that Vox keeps "the hand outstretched" to PP and Cs, despite the failed investiture of Lopez Miras in Murcia

In a message on Twitter, the leader has insisted that Vox wants to arm alternative governments to the left, but demands respect for its potential partners.

"In return we only ask for respect and dialogue and that a reasonable part of our program, depending on our votes, can be fulfilled," he said.

"Neither more nor less, but we will not accept sanitary cords", ditch Abascal. This Thursday the votes against the four deputies of VOX in the Regional Assembly of Murcia knocked down the possibility of Lopez Miras, to be invested in second voting as president.

The spokesman of the Vox Parliamentary Group in the Assembly, Juan José Liarte, has predicted that there will be a government "soon", if those who "challenge" the national leader of Cs, Albert Rivera, in Madrid "they allow Cs to act freely in the Region".

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