March 5, 2021

Abascal refuses to speak to Sánchez again to seek a national pact

The leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, has again rejected this Wednesday a meeting with the president, Pedro Sánchez, to propose a National Agreement that facilitates the reconstruction of the country’s economy after the coronavirus crisis.

Abascal has recorded a video to express the position of his party, which he has subsequently distributed to the media.

With this refusal to speak with Sánchez, the leader of Vox adds the second refusal so far this month, since he also declined a conversation with the Prime Minister on the 4th and also in order to lay the foundations for new ones La Moncloa Pacts.

Abascal says in the video that in a context marked by “almost 20,000 deaths according to dubious official figures”, those recorded by the Ministry of Health, the Government has contacted Vox to offer a videoconference with Sánchez on Thursday.

“I have rejected that call because it is not a time for propaganda, but for determined actions to stop the destruction of lives, jobs and freedoms that this negligent, false and unfair government is promoting,” says the Vox leader.

After stressing that the “destructive process” of the economy will lead the Spanish to have “ration cards”, as during the Civil War, Abascal highlights the plan for their training to overcome the situation.

There are ten “urgent” measures, including the formation as soon as possible of “a National Emergency Government”

The program has been sent by Vox to the PSOE and the PP this Wednesday due to “the lack of response from the Government,” says the leader of Vox, for whom he is willing to speak to socialists and popular about his proposals.

As long as that does not happen, his party, according to his words, will only speak to the Government from the rostrum of speakers in the Chamber of Congress, although he warns that it will be to demand the “immediate resignation” of the president, his vice presidents and his ministers.


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