Abascal, hurt because the Basque PP tilde them "foreign to the Basque"

Abascal, hurt because the Basque PP tilde them "foreign to the Basque"

The president of VOX, Santiago Abascal, today has been hurt at a rally in Bilbao because the leader of the Basque PP, Alfonso Alonso, has labeled them "foreign to the Basque" and "anti-Basque", "assuming the nationalist language".

"I did not expect it," he said, "I have a lot of disagreements with Alonso, but I did not expect him to assume the nationalist language, the same one that they have used for decades against the PP, and now Alonso comes and says that we are not Basque either. I am from Amurrio, "he criticized.

VOX has held this meeting in the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao, whose exterior was guarded by several Ertzaintza crews in anticipation of incidents, and before almost three hundred supporters with flags of Spain and the party.

In his speech, the leader of the ultraconservative formation, added that "the PP of the Basque Country will know what they want to do, if they want to remain the crutch of the PNV and if they want to continue being humiliated by those who one day approve the budgets and the next they make a motion of censure that evicts them from the Government. "

He has also criticized the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, for his position before the Catalan separatists, the leader of the opposition, Pablo Casado; to the Citizens, Alberto Rivera, and to Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, whom he described as "Stalinist", and said that "we are going to sing when we are forty in the Congress of Deputies."

He has accused the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, of using VOX to "scare" Pablo Casado and "frighten" Alberto Rivera when he asked them about the "essential values" they share with VOX and if they would accept that VOX should go tomorrow to Alsasua to the act that has summoned Citizens.

"They did not dare to answer and they avoided the question", when Casado, in his opinion, "had to have dared to ask Sanchez what values ​​you share with those who have given the separatist coup in Catalonia, which should be outlawed, and with the ultra-left of Podemos, which the Government has given him. "

"Rivera," he added, "should have answered him: are you going to continue, Mr. Sánchez, accepting the votes of those who justify the aggression in Alsasua against the civil guards?"

His intervention was interrupted by the assistants with vivas to the Civil Guard.

He has also accused the PSOE and Podemos, in his opinion, heir of the PCE, and parties that he accused of being "responsible in the past for having led the Spaniards to civil confrontation", of "wanting to shut up".

Abascal has also considered that the State of Autonomies "has failed and that, in addition to ruining generations of Spaniards, has made us less free, especially in linguistic matters, and has served to end equality between the Spanish "

The president of VOX has closed the ceremony assuring that his training "has come to stay and represent the Spain that is not resigned", after which the meeting with the Spanish anthem and shouts of "viva España" has concluded.


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