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Abascal faces an 'awkward' interview in 'El Hormiguero'

Santiago Abascal, the leader of Vox and candidate for the presidency of the Government in the elections has gone through The anthill, in the first interview of the round of politicians that Pablo Motos organized on the occasion of the November 10 elections. The presenter did not want to avoid the "huge stir" that has generated having invited the visible head of Vox.

"What would not be democratic is not to invite him," Motos said after reviewing that the political formation has more than 500 councilors, 24 deputies in Congress and more than 2.6 million votes throughout Spain. "Within the spectators of El hormiguero there are people of all ideologies", Motos insisted while recalling that inviting all leaders shows that "we don't marry anyone."

Santiago Abascal, during his interview in 'El Hormiguero

Santiago Abascal, during his interview in 'El Hormiguero'

Pablo Motos started the interview saying that “they insulted me more this week than in the 14 years that I have been doing the program”. Abascal has given him anti-inflammatories and also a bottle of olive oil to pass "the post-interview drink". Before the end of the talk, he removed the pills while Motos asked him if "you didn't like the interview?"

And is that the interview It has not been precisely comfortable for the Vox leader who has seen how Motorcycles brought out, one by one, the most controversial issues of the political formation of Abascal. The points where there have been more disagreements have been the decriminalization of abortion and as well as the Euthanasia Law.

The talk has started with the question of whether he considers himself a "fascist", Abascal has assured that “I feel satisfied that the progress get irritated enough to insult us ” and at the insistence of Motos has said: "I am not a fascist, nor a facade." Motorcycle then asked him why he had used the word “progress”In a pejorative tone.

“For me, a progress He is a person with left-wing positions who tries to dictate what is positive and what is not: a moral superiority of lefts has been established", has said. He also wanted to highlight "when you invite Pablo Iglesias to your program, the same thing does not happen and that which has been declared communist."

Franco and immigration

Motorcycle has asked Abascal at any given time what does Franciso Franco represent for the Vox leader: “It is a historical figure that historians will judge and I hope they do it in freedom. ” After saying that the PSOE Government not only wants to exhume the remains of the dictator of the Valley of the Fallen but "destroy the cross, which is the largest in the world," he insisted that "in Vox there are people who have a vision of the Franco's time and others who have another ”.

The time has come to talk about immigration. On what he would do with the fences of Ceuta and Melilla, Abascal has assured that “so that nobody jumps and nobody gets hurt, would make them bigger and then send to the Army that is" On Unaccompanied Minors Unaccompanied (Menas) said that "we should expel them" because each place of one of these young people costs 200,000 euros, money that could help "many widows," according to the leader of Vox.

I have had income outside of politics but for very few months ”

Abascal he has had no choice but to acknowledge that he has lived on politics almost all his life. He only tried to have a business venture with his ex-wife but "it didn't work out". Motos wanted to know then what he thinks of the autonomies and the beach bars when he was charging more than 80,000 euros in grants for seven months from the Community of Madrid. The Vox leader has limited himself to recognizing that they were "hard" times economically and that he himself said that the public foundation in which he worked was closed.

The issue of abortion has been the most delicate and in which Pablo Motos has placed the most emphasis. Abascal He has refused to describe it as "murder" but has said that it is "to end a human life by choice" although there are “external circumstances that condition it”. He has said that if Vox governs, help will be given so that abortion does not occur. Moreover, their training would eliminate the Term Law and although they would not legally prosecute women who had abortions, they would do so with doctors who performed illegal abortions.

Santiago Abascal, during his interview in 'El Hormiguero

Santiago Abascal, during his interview in 'El Hormiguero'

Another sensitive issue has been euthanasia. Motorcycle asked him bluntly: "Do you think that the decision to die to someone can only be taken by God?" The leader of Vox has replied that "they are my convictions and I do not believe that the State should have the power to end a human life." He has then described as "social emergency" the situation in Spanish society, with high levels of unemployment and "miserable" salaries.

“The homosexuals don't bother me … The only time I've hit someone in high school has been, precisely, because of a terrible statement against homosexuals. There are public Vox positions that are gay. And there are homosexuals who are not in favor of Gay pride, ”he said, asking about the LGTBI collective. Of course, he has made it clear that for his political formation "It is preferable for a child to have a father and a mother" in cases of adoption. "I think heterosexual couples should have preference to adopt," he said.

Catalonia: the danger of ‘breaking’ Spain

Regarding the Gender Violence Law, Abascal has insisted that “we have not denied that 46 women have died” and that the fact that there are more women killed than during the same period last year only shows that "the law is not working" and that "seeks war of the sexes."

Undoubtedly, another of the issues that Abascal has touched without hesitation has been the you process independentista of Catalonia whose situation considers "complicated". “It will be very difficult to restore the affections that have been broken, but It is no excuse for a very strong application of legality" He has insisted on the arrest of the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra for “conspiracy for rebellion”, would apply article 155, intervene TV3 and integrate the Mossos d'Esquadra into the body of the Civil Guard.

When I fought… my mouth dried more than with this interview ”

Among the outstanding phrases left by the interview in The Anthill is this: "I would give money to the Amazon because I believe that God's work is much more important than man and Notre Dame can be rebuilt". He did so in response to a question from Motos about whether he would contribute funds to save the American river or the emblematic church of Paris.

In a more casual tone, before the questions of Trancas and Barrancas, Abascal has assured that he has not smoked a joint in his life "although pure", while saying that "I dislike the smell (of marijuana)". Too He has shown that the anthem of Spain has lyrics and "Marta Sánchez I give a 10" and has acknowledged having bullfighting a steer "but without killing him." “My mouth has dried more than with this interview,” the Vox leader joked.

VOX act in Vistalegre 'plus ultra' with Abascal

VOX act in Vistalegre 'plus ultra' with Abascal
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