Fri. Mar 22nd, 2019

Abascal defends its funding of Vox but asks the Court of Accounts to "clarify" if there are illegalities

Abascal defiende su financiación de Vox pero pide al Tribunal de Cuentas “aclarar” si hay ilegalidades

The president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, has guaranteed on Monday the legality of the system financing of the party and said that all its funds have been audited by a company and delivered to the Court of Accounts, which is the one that will have to "clear out"If there is any irregularity.

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Abascal responded in an informative breakfast of Club Siglo XXI when asked about the donations that the Iranian exile gave to Vox in 2014 and that, according to several party leaders, had been audited by the Court of Auditors, something that this organ has denied Efe. According to court sources, you do not have to audit accounts of a formation that in 2014 lacked parliamentary representation.

"In any case we do not have Iranian funds, we have received donations from people who may be foreigners"

"It will have to clarify the court that has all our accounts, but we in any case do not have Iranian funds, we have received donations from people who may be foreign," said Abascal, who has assured that the financing of Vox is "absolutely legal "

He added that they are "absolutely calm" in this regard and has emphasized that these 2014 donations have to do with the support that the previous president of Vox, Alejo Vidal-Quadras, gave to the Iranian exile.

Abascal stressed that Vox is a "great work of volunteering" and, in front of those who think that they can be backed by "dark movements", has stressed that their support comes from Spanish "very modest."

The funding sources of the party, he explained, are exclusively three: the contributions of its 27,000 members through monthly, quarterly or annual quotas for an average of nine euros; donations from natural persons up to the maximum allowed of 50,000 euros, which "is not usual"; and timely fundraising in social networks.

In this way, Abascal has insisted on the clarity of the accounts of Vox and has encouraged with irony those who are trying to "rummage" in the past of the party to try to find "something dirty" to continue "wasting time."

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