June 4, 2020

Abascal confirms the willingness of Vox to support the PP in Galicia: “Feijóo needs surveillance”

In an interview on EsRadio, collected by Europa Press, Abascal has regretted statements made by the President of the Xunta in recent months “despising” Vox, but despite this he has acknowledged that his training would be willing to reach an agreement with him to prevent a “far left” government in Galicia.

The Vox leader has acknowledged that his party is not in a position to win the Galician regional elections, but instead he believes that his option to have representation “is very great” and also to condition the future government.

“Feijóo needs vigilance not to speak this nonsense and not speak on behalf of all Galicians,” he insisted after statements by the President of the Xunta saying that Galicians do not like Vox.


In this context, Abascal has also alluded to the crisis that his party is going through in Murcia, where three of four regional deputies have been provisionally suspended from membership by the Guarantees Committee.

As he explained, these situations are due to the rapid growth that the party had to face due to the succession of electoral calls last year. However, he has made it clear that Vox will always remain a “national” party and will never be divided into different federations or regional parties in each autonomy.


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