March 8, 2021

Abascal calls for Marlaska's resignation because "he justifies his street thugs"

Santiago Abascal on Sunday called for the resignation of the acting Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, after several leaders of Citizens, including his spokesman, Inés Arrimadas, were rebuked during the Pride demonstration by some people, because, in opinion of the president of the right-wing party, "justifies his street thugs and blames the assaulted".

Abascal has referred on Twitter to the comment made yesterday by Marlaska in which he said it was illusory to think that it will not have consequences "to agree with who in a blatant, even obscene way, tries to limit human rights", referring to Vox support to the coalition of PP and Citizens in the Madrid City Council and on the veto of the organizers of the LGBTI Pride 2019 demonstration that these formations participate in the same with a float, as in previous years.

"Our solidarity with the deputies of Citizens," Abascal has started his tweet, which then links to a news about the request for resignation to Marlaska made by Arrimadas.

Then, Abascal described as "attack of the eternal dumb" what happened in the manifestation of the LGBTI Pride and, after calling Marlaska "chavista minister", he added that the ultra party has also "suffered aggressions of all kinds by from the left. "

"And it is sad to note that the sanitary cords and silence have encouraged these aggressions and fed the totalitarian monster, and now, where we can, we have to subsidize the violent and the supporters," Abascal concluded in a later tweet.

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