Abascal accuses Sánchez of attacking the king and justifies the coup against the Second Republic

The leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, has launched this Wednesday during the discussion on the state of alarm a battery of accusations of coup against the Prime Minister, the Executive itself and even Congress. All after describing the Second Republic as "criminal" and justifying the coup led by Francisco Franco and the subsequent civil war, in which the coup party was supported by Nazi Germany and fascist Italy.

Pedro Sánchez announces the three-month extension of the suspension of evictions despite the end of the state of alarm

Pedro Sánchez announces the three-month extension of the suspension of evictions despite the end of the state of alarm

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During his first speech, Pedro Sánchez recalled that this April 14 "marks the 90th anniversary of the proclamation of the Second Republic." "Anniversaries help us to reflect, to be able to look back and verify that there is a luminous link with our best past that we must vindicate," said the PSOE secretary general in the rostrum.

Sánchez has assured that "that ambitious project" proclaimed in 1931 "sought the modernization" of the State "and of Spanish society." "He sought the consolidation of peace and the defeat of the dictatorship. He sought, above all, to put the value of democracy first," he added. The president recalled that in the five years it lasted, "very advanced legal and legal measures were approved for the time, especially for the working class and for more than half of the population, that is, women."

"Women who with their right to participate in political life made their voices heard and participated in the evolution of society. Women who triumphed at that time in politics, culture, journalism, sports or education," he added . And he has settled: "Ladies and gentlemen, there are three dates thanks to which Spain is today the great country that it is. Three dates with an indissoluble bond. April 14, 1931. December 6, 1978. And June 12, 1985, when Spain signed the accession treaty to the European Union ".

In his first turn of reply, Abascal has ensured that these mentions of Sánchez represent a "neglect of the head of state." And even a "threat" to the king. To add that the Second Republic was "a criminal regime controlled by socialists and communists that led Spain to civil war."

Abascal made this mention just two days after the Queen of Spain presided over the inauguration ceremony of a desk and a bust dedicated to Clara Campoamor, founder of a republican party, a member of the Republican Parliament and one of the main promoters of universal suffrage for women under the same conditions as men.

In the same speech, Abascal has accused the Government and Congress of provoking and justifying the Vallecas altercations and has issued a warning: "We will sit on the bench." "The Council of Ministers has instigated violence," he said, despite the fact that it was he himself who left the stage where he was giving a speech and approached the neighbors who protested against his presence, skipping the police cordon. "Violence is tolerated and justified," he added. Abascal has pointed out directly to the secretary general of the PCE, Enrique Santiago, deputy and current secretary of state for the 2030 Agenda. After calling him a "drug-dictatorship lawyer," he said that Enrique Santiago is "a scoundrel" and whose presence in Congress is "dangerous."

Cobblestone in hand, the Vox leader has concluded on the riots: “They were driven by you, tolerated by you and justified by much of this House. What will happen if we return the cobblestones? We would go to the civil confrontation. They won't find us there. They will find us defending legality, constitutional order and prosecuting the guilty, whom we will sooner or later sit on the bench ”.


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