Ábalos will go to Congress on Thursday to talk about the taxi crisis after days of silence and four other news

Ábalos will go to Congress on Thursday to talk about the taxi crisis after days of silence and four other news


1. Abalos will appear on Thursday in Congress for the taxi conflict. The Minister of Development, José Luis Ábalos, will finally appear next Thursday at the Congress of Deputies to explain the Government's position about the indefinite strike that the taxi sector develops in Madrid. This has been advanced by the Secretary of State for Transport, Pedro Saura, this morning during the Commission for Development by the Budgets of 2019, and where he has taken the opportunity to defend that "throughout Europe, urban mobility is the responsibility of local and regional administrations »

2. Ábalos, absent from the taxi crisis, will not break his silence until Thursday. The Minister of Public Works will reappear, at last, next Thursday to talk about the taxi conflict. A crisis whose long shadow seems to haunt him since the beginning of last week, in the face of the growing radicalization of the problem, especially in Madrid. In particular, Ábalos did not break his silence until then, since from the Ministry they have emphasized that it is the only call for the moment, and will do so at the request of the Development Commission to deal with this thorny issue. Again the VTC and the taxi.

3. Zara surprises with a logo change in her online store in full sales. Those who have visited Zara's online store during this weekend will have a surprise because the logo of the same has changed. In particular, it has a new typeface with curved lines and there are no cursive or shadows of any kind. The italics have also disappeared.

4. Brussels will denounce the USA for tariffs on black olives. Brussels has taken the decision to lead the World Trade Organization (CMO) United States tariffs on black olives. One year after the first provisional levies were imposed, the European Commission has taken the reins.

5. Development says that the railway of Extremadura accumulates 650 million investment deficit. Extremadura has spent years denouncing the state of its rail network, still built with wooden sleepers and limited in several sections at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour. And the breakdown on January 1 of the Extremadura train to Madrid that forced more than 160 passengers to remain for several hours standing in the middle of the field, without light or heating, was the straw that was needed to fill the glass.


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