Ábalos will appear on Thursday in the Congress for the Taxi Conflict

Ábalos will appear on Thursday in the Congress for the Taxi Conflict


The Ministry of Development, José Luis Ábalos, will finally appear next Thursday at the Congress of Deputies to explain the Government's position on the indefinite strike that the taxi sector develops in Madrid. This has been advanced by the Secretary of State for Transport, Pedro Saura, this morning during the Commission for Development by the Budgets of 2019 – which precisely started with delay because some deputies joined late to the session due to traffic problems caused by the stoppages- and where has taken advantage to defend that « in all Europe, urban mobility is the responsibility of local and regional administrations ».

In a particularly complicated day in Madrid for the taxi conflict, which lives today its eighth consecutive day of work stoppages, the Development Commission has been especially marked by a struggle that, however, from the Executive have tried repeatedly to move to the Autonomous Communities. In fact, Saura has not hesitated to throw a dart at the president of the Community of Madrid, Angel Garrido, and has said not to understand "why he has not put the batteries to solve the problem" and added that since September "he has been looking the other way and thinking about who is going to be his candidate", which he described as « irresponsibility".

Saura has also stressed that "never" will regulate "in favor of large investment funds," something that the spokesman for Citizens Fernando Navarro has criticized the Secretary of State and has ensured that this speech on investment funds is "of confrontation, good and bad ».

Regarding the Budgets, Saura has defended some accounts in which the investment will go up up to 9,973 million euros, a 26.6% more than in the previous year. Specifically, he highlighted an investment of 3,000 million in the purchase of suburban trains in 2019 and denounced that the previous Executive did not buy either one of them, or the long distance, between 2012 and 2018.

Saura also highlighted the increase in funds intended for housing, which increased by 43.4%, to break with the trend of previous years, which was reduced by 61%. "One of the great levers that the Government has to change the economic model and bet on social policy and to support the environment is the Ministry of Development," said Secretary of State.


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