Ábalos rejects the tax cuts "while the infrastructure deteriorates"

Ábalos rejects the tax cuts "while the infrastructure deteriorates"


The Minister of Development, José Luis Ábalos, announced this Monday at the XI Meeting of the Infrastructure Sector, organized by ABC and Deloitte, which his department tendered 5,000 million euros in the second half of last year, which means an increase of 79% over the previous year. In addition, he noted that "you can not raise tax rebates while there are deteriorated infrastructure."

Regarding the Extraordinary Road Investment Plan prepared by the Government, Ábalos has reiterated that the risk of expropriations "will not be assumed by the manager" and that the duration of the contracts covered by this project will be shorter, "of about ten years. »

During his speech, the minister stressed that during the ten months he has been head of Development has wanted to "know the demands of the territories and competing sectors" and that investment in infrastructure must be "better, not less."

In this sense, Ábalos reviewed some of the "conflicts" that he has had to face, like taxi war, the reform of the stowage or the problems in air traffic. "We have analyzed the interests of each party, sometimes contradictory, and we have pursued the common interest, preventing conflicts from becoming entangled", he pointed out.

In addition, the Minister of Development pointed out the need to "improve the general governance of the process of allocating investments", referring to reports from the Court of Auditors and the CNMC, which have questioned the extra costs that investment in certain moments has generated in certain moments. sectors like the railroad.

The Minister of Development was introduced by the director of ABC, Bieito Rubido, who opened the Forum, noting that the "infrastructure project of Spain It is an unfinished project»And recognizing that the construction sector« has been an example in overcoming austerity times and looking for new horizons ».

For his part, the president of Deloitte, Fernando Ruiz, said in the presentation of the event that the sector is facing a "complicated" moment by the deceleration forecasts that exist for the European economy.


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