March 6, 2021

Ábalos recalls that the PSN has already sacrificed twice and "the third" must be given the opportunity to govern Navarra

"In Navarra, the experience with UPN has not been positive for the PSOE, it has been delivered on several occasions, at least twice, to the waiver of all expectations and has always been at the expense of the PSN," he explained in an interview at the SER chain, collected by Europa Press.

One of them was in 2007, the socialists agreed with Nafarroa Bai (the coalition that made up the PNV and Aralar) and IU to invest the socialist Fernando Puras, however the agreement was rectified from Ferraz benefiting the UPN leader, Yolanda Barcina.

"The third must be given the opportunity to govern Navarra," said Ábalos, minimizing the fact that the PSN pact with Geroa Bai, Podemos and Izquierda-Ezkerra goes ahead thanks to Bildu's abstention. "You can also abstain others," he said.

In this sense, Ábalos has stressed that in the next regional government the majority of its members will be socialist, eight, while Geroa Bai will have four and Podemos with one. "That will be the government of Navarra, I think it is worth trusting," he insisted.


Asked about the scenario in Aragon, where the socialist Javier Lambán was invested yesterday with the positive votes of PAR, Chunta and Podemos, Ábalos has claimed Lambán's "ability" to congregate this support in such a pluralistic landscape.

The secretary of the Socialist Organization has admitted that the four-party government is "the expression of the electoral result" in the community and has praised Lambán for "properly managing" the political plurality.

"He has been able to propose an alternative around the plurality that expressed the electoral result. There is a great ability to take that representation," he said, indicating that there was no possible alternative.

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