July 24, 2021

"Ábalos is going to have to explain everything that he is hiding from the regional governments"

"Ábalos is going to have to explain everything that he is hiding from the regional governments"

For this, Bernabé said, "the Parliamentary Group of the Popular Party has requested the appearance of the holder of the portfolio of Development before the Upper Chamber to ask for accounts for the evident lack of respect and institutional loyalty of the Government of Spain at the time of approve last Friday the Royal Decree Law on regulation of activity of transport vehicles with driver ".

All this has been done, he stressed, "acting with his back to the Autonomous Communities, which has not previously convened the National Transport Council to inform them of the new regulatory framework, as promised last August."

And it is that, the 'popular' has insisted, "from the Executive of Sanchez has acted with total obscurantism, without giving any information to those who must apply the regulations, who have had to find out their content by the press, making this gala of a sovereign exercise of lack of transparency ".

But the most serious, in the opinion of the 'popular' spokesman of Development, are "the unequivocal signs of the incapacity of this Government to resolve the conflict" since "they have not even been able to provide a satisfactory solution to the confrontation, because to transfer the problem to the Autonomous Communities is not to give a solution to this confrontation, but to transfer it ", besides remembering that" the struggle will continue to be latent, because they have limited themselves to delay the resolution for four more years "

Regarding this last reflection, the Murcian senator concluded by asking the Minister of Public Works: "Where is the extraordinary urgency that justifies the approval of this Royal Decree Law if it does not foresee its application for four years?" .


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