Ábalos explains that it is not possible to know how much is missing from the peak of infections

The Spanish Minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos, assured that it is still not possible to know how long it will take to reach the peak of infections in Spain, in an interview published today in the newspaper "Il Messaggero".

"I do not think we can say with certainty that we are near the peak; reaching it is obviously our goal, but we cannot say how far it is still," the minister explained.

Regarding whether the restrictive movement measures are working in Spain, Ábalos indicated that "there are some indicators on mobility, which show that it has decreased enormously and that isolation is being met."

"The government will consider further reducing activities," he added, according to the Roman newspaper.

Regarding the lack of decisions to limit damage to the economy at the last European Council, Ábalos responded that "there is a lack of intelligence, because the virus cannot be isolated from its effects."

"The spread of the virus requires more committed behavior, I do not say solidarity, but at least commitment. Even if the priority now is the fight for health, in the end there will always be an economic problem to solve," he said.

Ábalos added that "it is the moment in which Europe must give answers to this problem. Because the spread of the virus knows no borders or nationalities. Those countries that think it does not concern them will end up noticing it and it is better to play in advance than when it is too late" .

Spain, he said, calls for "an intervention by the European Central Bank that gives a different response to that of 2008 - after all, each initiative of the ECB is well received by the stock exchanges - and a relaxation of austerity."

He also stressed the need to create a European center for the purchase and distribution of medical equipment and "a scientific coordination committee for research and to obtain and approve information."

"Because the impression is that each country is responsible for the crisis with different criteria," he added.


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