October 29, 2020

Ábalos does not expect them to applaud the Government but neither does he want to be booed

The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, has indicated this Monday that he does not expect citizens to applaud the government’s action in the face of the COVID-19 health crisis, but neither does he want to be booed.

For Ábalos, the applause to the toilets every day at eight o’clock in the afternoon is “a fair echo of their effort and the solidarity of the Spanish”, well “I do not expect the citizens to applaud us, obviously, nor do I want to They boo us, “he said in his appearance before the Transportation, Mobility and Urban Agenda Committee of the Congress, at his own request and by the PP, Vox and Citizens.

What Ábalos does expect, as he has indicated, is that, among all, each one from his responsibility, some governing, the others supervising the action of the Government and presenting as many alternative proposals as they deem appropriate, “we are at least able to demonstrate to the nation that we seek solutions, that we are going to overcome the pandemic, and that we are going to overcome this crisis, yes or yes, without leaving anyone behind. “

The search for a vaccine and more effective treatments corresponds to researchers and health professionals and “their diligence, sacrifice and dedication have become an element of social cohesion, which produces and motivates feelings of empathy, solidarity and strength in the face of adversity “, he pointed out.

In his opinion, just as the scientific and medical community “morally rearms” Spaniards, politicians and public representatives must also be “up to the moment” and take an example of their effort, their cooperation and their work as a single person.

In his opinion, the pandemic “cannot have as side effects permanent mistrust regarding the efficacy of the decisions taken, a general pessimism regarding the future of the nation, nor social lack of cohesion as a consequence of a worsening of inequalities”.

“We all have the obligation to reassemble hope and transfer the confidence that we will succeed, yes or yes we will succeed, because when we are not able to succeed, together, we will correct what is necessary to end up being successful,” he remarked.


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