Ábalos defends that Spain works "more than anyone" to save lives in the sea

Ábalos defends that Spain works "more than anyone" to save lives in the sea

The Secretary of Organization of the PSOE, José Luis Ábalos, defended on Monday that the Government of Pedro Sánchez is "working more than anyone" in the rescue of lives at sea and added that the "balanced" would draw attention to those countries that do not.

At a press conference at the headquarters of the PSOE, Ábalos has responded to the question of the fact that the boat of the NGO Proactiva Open Arms is paralyzed in Barcelona and the words of criticism of Pope Francisco last night in the Sixth: " Why is it done? Why should they drown? "

The Socialist leader has indicated that he has appeared several times in Congress and in the Senate to give an account of this issue and has indicated that it will shortly be administratively resolved.

"It is unfair to have a partial view, this Government is the one that is most actively saving lives at sea," he stressed, before specifying that he is doing so within the scope of his responsibilities.

For Ábalos, it would be more "correct and balanced" to draw attention to countries that do not practice salvage.

The Secretary of Socialist Organization has also made reference to the demonstration yesterday in Madrid to demand urgent solutions so that the rural environment "does not agonize."

The socialist leader stressed that the Government and the PSOE were in that protest to "give visibility to that so-called empty Spain" and that several ministers came to accompany the demands that "with justice" call for equal opportunities, non-discrimination between rural and urban and personal freedom to choose the place where to develop a project of work, personal and family life.

Ábalos pointed out that Spain has a great challenge ahead to face depopulation and has stressed that one of the objectives is to extend digitalization in rural areas.

He explained that the future of many municipalities almost depopulated goes through the generational change and to encourage the presence of young people and women.

"We work to ensure that access to communications and public services are the same for all Spanish and Spanish people, wherever they live," he added.

He also highlighted the importance of a common agricultural policy for 2020 that maintains "at least" the same funds as the previous year.


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