Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

Abalos criticizes that those who have lost the elections block the formation of a government

Ábalos has visited León to support the PSOE in the signing of the governability agreement that has been carried out with the Union of the Leonés Town to be the socialist Eduardo Morán in charge of presiding over the Diputación de León.

In this sense, he criticized that "those who have lost" are playing with the possibilities of the country and that Spain "has a Government with the changes that have been raised."

Thus, he has warned that "there is no alternative" to form a government because the rest can not "add arithmetically" and has irked that "try" if they can.

Ábalos explained that there is a "blocking" option, but he has asked that "they do not take advantage of" this option to prevent Spain from moving forward despite the fact that the real alternative "does not like them"

In addition, he has claimed that the formations raise the option "government or blocking" and has recognized his "desire" that Spain has "soon" Government to address all the issues that lie ahead both in the country and in autonomic and local.

Thus, it has highlighted the agreement between the PSOE and UPL for which they need "the implementation" of other administrations since the signing of this document focuses "on fighting for projects" and that needs the support of other institutions .

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