June 19, 2021

Ábalos bets on the construction of housing to activate the recovery

The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (Mitma), José Luis Ábalos, has opted for the construction sector, and in particular for affordable social housing, to activate economic recovery and employment after the coronavirus crisis .

Ábalos, however, has linked this strategy to the creation of European reconstruction funds: “the hope is that, if there are European reconstruction funds, what better ministry to give to the most driving nodules of the economy and construction is one of them, “he said in an appearance in Congress.

In her it has stressed that this would allow “promoting the constitutional right to housing while also greatly moving the economy, because construction moves a lot, moves a lot of labor and many derived activities.”

The minister, who has created a working group to assess the impact of the crisis on construction and public works, explained that this group is studying the impact of the crisis on investments planned by his department.

Although he has assured that his intention is not to suspend the planned works and investments, he has insisted that the plans for housing construction and urban rehabilitation that he presented in February will be carried out “only if there are funds for reconstruction.”

“If there are funds, public works, investment, is a good way for economic reactivation,” he stressed, noting that the ministry is “working with private initiative on plans for reconstruction.”


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