Ábalos bet that platforms like Uber tax where they earn money

The Minister of Development, José Luis Ábalos, has been convinced that the Uber company is not going to disappear from Spain because its business is not mobility but the digital platforms, which are the future, and has advocated getting them to pay where they operate and earn money.

Ábalos has spoken in these terms at the breakfast "Forum Europe, Mediterranean Tribune" in which he participated this Thursday in Valencia, when asked if he believed that Uber was going to fulfill his threat to stop operating in the country.

"They said that they were going to leave Catalonia and soon returned, they are businesses based on digital platforms, not mobility", and they are going to "continue to exist and that is why they even offer to work for taxi drivers", he added.

In his opinion, digital platforms "is not that they have a future, it is that they are the future", after which he pointed out that "these threats are not valid" and that "some subsidiary issues based on exploitation may stop working, but the platform will continue to operate undoubtedly ".

"What we have to look for is that these platforms, which are a service that does not incorporate value but earn money, tax where they earn it," he added.

In addition, he warned of the "contradiction" of the PP, which in the Valencian Community has voted in favor of a decree to regulate the VTC and in Madrid has shown its opposition.

He recalled that if the PP rules again in Spain will repeal the "Ábalos decree", so the Valencian rule "would lack legal support because it would escape the competition of Les Corts Valencianes".

"In the Valencian case, it seems coherent, because they were promoters of the proposal in relation to the taxi and it was good for me, in an appearance in Congress, to show that the PP had a double discourse and it illustrated me a lot," he said.

In this sense, he has celebrated the "Valencian coherence" but lamented that "he coexists with a programmatic offer underlined by the PP of Spain that will repeal the Ábalos decree".

"One of the foundations to criticize the decree is that there was a lot of regulation that generated insecurity", has argued to ask then "the security that generates" this contradiction of the PP.


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