June 20, 2021

Ábalos assures that the Supreme Court’s report “should contribute to the decision” on the pardons, “but it is a decision of the Council of Ministers”

The Supreme Court report that opposes the granting of pardons to the prisoners of the procés is expected, but the confirmation of its content has caused a great political dust on Wednesday. While the Government defends the autonomy of the Council of Ministers to decide on pardons, the right-wing opposition has attacked the Executive in a preventive manner and has announced that they will appeal the granting of government grace to justice.

Sánchez raises the pardons to the pro-independence leaders and the right anticipates a judicial war

Sánchez raises the pardons to the pro-independence leaders and the right anticipates a judicial war

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The Minister of Transport and Secretary of Organization of the PSOE, José Luis Ábalos, recalled this Wednesday that the opinion issued by the Supreme Court “must contribute to the deliberation” within the Government, but has recalled that the pardon “is a decision of the Council of Ministers. ”Thus, Ábalos has indicated that he values ​​the report” within the logic of the independence of the powers, as we observe everything “and with the” clarity that each power makes its decisions, its agreements, with absolute independence “.” And also with the clarity that in the end it is an organ that has the power to resolve and finally agree, “he added.” We are talking about reports that must accompany the Council of Ministers’ deliberation, they must contribute to the deliberation of the Council of Ministers, but obviously it is a decision of the Council of Ministers ”, he has settled.

The president of the United We Can group, Jaume Asens, has stated, for his part, that with the Supreme Court’s report the role of the courts in this matter ends and the moment of politics arrives. “Those who were part of the problem would not be part of the solution,” Asens has defended in an appearance before journalists in Congress. The deputy of En Comú Podem, very critical of the entire judicial process carried out by the Supreme Court, has congratulated himself because “the judges cease to be scriptwriters of politics” so that “politics can regain the field of dialogue, and not of revenge “. “The time of politics begins, the time of the judges is over,” he concluded.

Asens has also assured that he is “confident that pardons will be granted” to the prisoners of the procès and has anticipated that this will be the position that the representatives of United We can maintain in the Council of Ministers that discuss the grace measure. The Catalan leader has also pointed out that “the freedom of the prisoners is not the solution to all problems”, although he has considered it “an essential step to de-judicialize” the conflict “and that the dialogue table gets under way.” “We cannot begin the dialogue table with the leader of the party that governs Catalonia in prison,” he concluded, referring to Oriol Junqueras.

The opposition will appeal the pardons

The coalition government has not anticipated the final position to be adopted by the Council of Ministers, although Pedro Sánchez’s statements suggest that yes the measure of grace will be granted. This morning, in the control session, Sánchez has assured that the Executive will adopt the decision “in conscience” and has wanted to unlink that initiative with the support that the pro-independence forces gave him in the investiture. “We would make the same decision as if the progressive government had 300 seats,” he said.

“The Constitution includes both punishment and harmony,” he stated. “There is a time for punishment and a time for harmony,” Sánchez insisted, who stressed that “he will make the decision for the coexistence of the Spanish.” He has asked Casado to support “the State” as the PSOE did after the 1-O referendum and the application of 155 in Catalonia when Mariano Rajoy’s PP ruled. “To whom they did an October 1 went to a PP government,” he added.

The right-wing opposition is also counting on the government to grant pardons to the procés prisoners. Both the PP, Vox and Ciudadanos have harshly attacked the Executive after learning the content of the Supreme Court ruling.

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has considered that the report is “devastating” and has recalled that so far no judicial body has endorsed them. “A devastating report unanimously by the Supreme Court against the pardons as did the Prosecutor’s Office and the Advocacy,” Casado has written on his personal Twitter profile in which he has quoted one of the phrases of the report: Justice, equity or public utility, but there is an intention to reoffend “.

Married, in addition, has wanted to send a warning to the Government before the possibilities that yes it grants the pardons: “We will go until the end to defend Justice”.

The president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, has also announced that her party will “use all the legal and political tools” that it has at its disposal to stop the pardons to the Catalan “coup plotters” that the Government is preparing. As he has pointed out, in addition to presenting initiatives in all the parliaments and municipalities where they have representation, they plan to appeal the measure before the courts, and they are also considering going to the European Parliament to denounce it.

“We are not going to allow it. This is an outrage, it is a humiliation and a challenge to all Spanish society,” Arrimadas said in statements in Congress. Although, as he recalled, he already declared his relations with the Government broken after Sánchez decided to “take Otegi’s hand” instead of that of Citizens when they tried to negotiate the General State Budgets, he has dropped that if these pardons are consummated, the opposition line of your group will increase in harshness. “We have never been partners of this Government, only responsible with the interest of the Spanish,” he remarked.

As he has denounced, what “cannot be tolerated” is that Sánchez “passes over Justice and forgives these gentlemen.” “I demand that you rectify and do not go over the Supreme Court to stay a while longer in Moncloa.” “There is no possible forgiveness for some gentlemen who not only have not repented, but are walking around all televisions saying that they will do the same again,” he has settled.


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