July 25, 2021

Ábalos announces that the AVE to Cantabria will be a "reality" in 2024

Ábalos announces that the AVE to Cantabria will be a "reality" in 2024

The Minister of Development, José Luis Ábalos, has assured that the railway connection that will link Madrid and Santander in three hours will be a "reality" in 2024 and all sections between Palencia and Reinosa, where the high speed will arrive, will be written already in 2019 and the duplicity of the roads between the Cantabrian capital and Torrelavega will be awarded before the end of 2018 or, at most, in January.

These are some of the terms that Abalos has transferred to the president of Cantabria, Miguel Angel Revilla (PRC), in the meeting of two hours that have held this Tuesday at the headquarters of the regional government, within the official agenda of the two days of the minister's visit to the community.

Regarding the connection with Madrid, the minister explained that the train, for passengers and goods, as planned, will stop at Reinosa and Torrelavega. Revilla has opined that the term of 2024 given by the minister is a "reasonable date".

More endowment for the suburban plan and a study of the connection to Bilbao

In addition, with regard to the Santander-Bilbao railway connection, an informative study will be carried out on the feasibility and financing of this action. Also Ábalos has announced to Revilla that Fomento will increase by 60 million euros the endowment of the Neighborhood Plan for Cantabria, with horizon 2022, until reaching 600.

Further, is going to renew "the whole fleet" of commuter trains, about 18 units, which will be tendered "before the end of the year", as has been advanced by the president of Renfe, also present at the meeting.

The minister explained that this renewal of the fleet, which will be accessible to people with disabilities, will involve a cost of about 100 million euros, twice the amount expected.

As announced, the Santander-Torrelavega line will have a frequency of fifteen minutes next year and, before October 29, 2018, will increase the connection between the Cantabrian capital and Cabezón de la Sal, which will be be from the current 20 minutes to 15 in the valley hours.

covering roads in camargo

In the meeting, which has been "long" and "neat", according to the minister, also Ábalos has informed Revilla that the project for the coverage of the roads in Maliaño (Camargo) will be ready by 2020 and will be able to be put out to tender .

Commitments on La Engaña and La Pasiega

Outside the railway field, the minister and Revilla have agreed to carry out a study on the conservation of the La Engaña tunnel and its possible uses, such as some of the ones that Ábalos has proposed to the regional president.

The minister has acknowledged that "he did not know" the claim of Cantabria in relation to the tunnel of the Engaña, although he has indicated that Revilla has explained the history of this infrastructure.

Revilla and Abalos have also talked about the project of the Government of Cantabria to create a logistics and industrial area in the Llano de la Pasiega (Piélagos) and the minister has shown his "willingness" to "facilitate connections" that are accurate with this center logistic.


In terms of roads, the minister has committed to submit to public information in this legislature the project of the third lane of the Cantábrico Highway (A-8) between Solares and Vizcaya.

Also, and although it was advanced on Monday in Torrelavega, Abalos has informed the president that the Ministry of Development will process the process of expropriations of land for the execution of the work of the A-67 link in the emergency way. section Sierrapando-Barreda.

In relation to this, Ábalos explained on Monday in Torrelavega that the previous minister, Íñigo de la Serna (PP), tendered and awarded the work without disposing of all the land and pending the expropriations. "It seems a lie a failure of that level," said Revilla, referring to the previous owner of the portfolio of Development.

In addition, in the meeting, they have also addressed the improvement of the mountain pass of Los Tornos, on the N-629, a project that is, according to Ábalos, "finalizing" to pass and to public information.

In summary, the minister has indicated that "all the projects" that were announced from his department in Cantabria "continue advancing" in the corresponding "rhythms".

In addition to Ábalos and Revilla, the meeting was attended by, among others, the Minister of Public Works and Housing, José María Mazón, and the delegate of the Government, Pablo Zuloaga. The meeting was held before the signing of the railway integration agreement in Santander.


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