Ábalos acknowledges that Madrid warned in summer that it would not regulate the VTC

Ábalos acknowledges that Madrid warned in summer that it would not regulate the VTC


The Minister of Development, José Luis Ábalos, has appeared this Thursday at the Congress of Deputies to explain his vision on the taxi situation. And this, despite the strikes lived in Barcelona and Madrid in recent weeks, it goes through maintaining the competences of the VTC sector (vehicle licenses with driver) in communities and municipalities.

It is these administrations that have the capacity to regulate the sector since the Congress approved last October as a bill the decree prepared by the Ministry of Development to articulate this transfer of powers. Ábalos has referred to this fact, noting that the standard "is binding for everyone, like it or not" and was «Negotiated».

The Minister of Development has also reiterated that the taxi's powers are "where they should be." In addition, he has blamed the Popular Party for the chaos that both sectors currently experience. «Until 2015, the PP did not limit the number of licenses VTC for a liberalizing zeal, which led to the resolution of new permits from the courts, "he said.

On the current situation, Abalos has admitted that he does not "miss" that the Community of Madrid has rejected the proposals of the taxi because it already rejected in the summer the competitions on the VTC. The truth is that Madrid was not the only community to which the competences on the sector were imposed.

Despite this, the Minister of Public Works has refused to "disengage" from the problem. "We continue to work on issues that concern us, such as the creation of an electronic register of services and a new sanctioning regime," the minister stressed.


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