Tue. Feb 18th, 2020

A Zara dress for 39.95 euros becomes viral among consumers in the United Kingdom


Zara has returned to get one of their clothes to become viral. After the success that the yellow jacket garnered, a simple dress with polka dot print of 39.95 euros has conquered a large number of consumers in the United Kingdom. The garment has become so omnipresent in that country, that it is already known as "the dress". The phenomenon has been such that it has even been picked up in media such as "The New York Times" or "Bloomberg."

In fact, "the dress" has become so popular in recent weeks, that a stylist recently created that your own Instagram tribute account, @ hot4thespot. Thus, the stylist Faye Oakenfull offers its almost 5,000 followers the opportunity to present photos of sightings of the garment on the streets of the United Kingdom.

The dress is still available in the internet shop in Spain and sells for € 39.95 and globally, at a price of € 49.95. The flagship of Inditex renews its collection about twice a week, but even if a garment is worn out and worn out, the brand does not manufacture anymore. Of course, prepare a similar product for the second launch in the "last week" lot.

Inditex's business is still strong and is approaching the 6,000 million mark in billing. The textile group closed its first quarter with a profit of 734 million, a record figure that exceeds by 9.8% the one reached the previous year.

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