February 28, 2021

A young woman with serious vision, hearing and learning problems succeeds in obtaining a B2 in English

Paula Pérez García's goal is to study at the prestigious Central Saint Martins fashion design school in London.

Paula Pérez García’s goal is to study at the prestigious Central Saint Martins fashion design school in London.

Paula Pérez García just Get your Cambridge B2 First English Certificate at Exams Baix Camp exam center, Reus (Tarragona), and has submitted its application to enter the prestigious fashion design school Central Saint Martins in London.

Paula’s story is a tale of overcoming of a young woman who, at the age of 6, was diagnosed such severe learning, vision and hearing difficulties who concluded that could not finish primary education.

Not only has he finished it, he has passed secondary education in an international school after taking on the challenge of changing his language of study – until then his mother tongue – and opting for a total immersion in English to seriously aspire to be admitted to one of the most famous fashion schools in the world.

To study in that language, the English certificate was an indispensable condition and Paula has been able to obtain it, in the midst of a pandemic, thanks to the adaptations provided by Cambridge Assessment English, the non-profit foundation of the University of Cambridge, for people with special needs. In his case, he had added regulation time and was able to use material adapted to your circumstances.

“For my eyes, the words and the letters meant nothing; they both jumped on the pages. Only after one year of adaptation with chromogenic lenses I understood that the letters were static and I was able to start reading and writing “, says Paula, who suffers from dyslexia.

In addition, the information that Paula receives through her right ear It reaches him distorted, forcing him to follow auditory therapy and neuro-sensory stimulation. Finally, at the age of 13, he was diagnosed profound working memory problems Y low levels of attention and concentration.

Many hours of work have allowed Paula to overcome her difficulties. “As my working memory was weak and I forgot instructions quickly, I took the habit of writing down absolutely everything“Explains the young woman, who despite the difficulties, assures that she has always been” optimistic and cheerful. “” I think that when Mother Nature takes something from you, she always offers something else, “she adds. In fact, Paula is extraordinarily gifted for creativity and drawing.

“My knowledge of English and the fact of being able to demonstrate my B2 level will open new doors in the future. The Central Saint Martins website says they believe in different ways of thinking and acting. In my case, this difference is literal, not metaphorical, and I sincerely believe that its doors are going to open for me, “he confides.

For her part, the director of the Exams Baix Camp center, Brenda Gallagher, assures that she is “very proud” in the center of having contributed to Paula to continue advancing in her academic and professional path.

As Gallagher explains, one of Cambridge’s missions is to bring English learning to all who want to communicate in this language, whatever their circumstances. “For this reason, they have been working on the tailoring exams for people with special needs, so that they can be carried out without any type of barrier, “he says, and celebrates that in Paula’s case, the objective has been” more than met “, given the added difficulties posed by the pandemic.


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