July 11, 2020

A young woman dies from a toxic shock caused by a tampon

It is a rare disease, but very serious

A 17-year-old Belgian girl died last week from a SCT, a toxic shock syndrome that caused a tampon, she says La Gazette Nouvelle. The teenager was admitted to the hospital with a picture of fever and vomiting.

Doctors thought it was a gastroenteritis and started treatment, but the young woman’s condition did not improve and she began to have very low tension, as well as vision problems. When the girl was taken to the Intensive Care Unit, it was already late.

He was diagnosed with a Toxic Shock Syndrome, a disease that only suffers between 3 and 4% of women who use tampons, being carriers of the staphylococcal strain that causes this shock. Despite being rare, it is very serious.

After his death, the family accuses the hospital of not having detected the problem in time: “A death due to a septic shock from the tampons that was diagnosed five hours after the first symptoms by a doctor on call. It is unacceptable”. On Facebook, her parents said goodbye to the girl, “a great athlete and full of life and project.”


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