A young woman denounces in Valencia that she was not allowed to enter the bus for wearing a lot of cleavage

A bus of the Municipal Transport Company of Valencia.

A bus of the Municipal Transport Company of Valencia.

A young woman has denounced through social networks that they did not let him access inside a bus of the Municipal Transport Company (EMT) in Valencia for “going low-cut and being able to offend others. “The affected, who published in Twitter his bad experience with the public bus company, he declares that he has felt “discriminated“And he questions whether the regulations contemplate these types of restrictions.” It’s not a bikini, it’s a top and I’m not teaching anything, “reasoned the young woman on her Twitter account.

Regarding the regulations, the EMT website does not contemplate any clause of dress code, something that the affected person has re-established in the same social network. “There is no rule that stipulates that I cannot access this way. And if there were, it should be in view of all the users who are going to access the bus. And the only ones there are, are inside, and before you have to log in to read it, “he said.

On the other hand, EMT has responded to his claim with a brief message in which he is asked to send the data by private message to “be able to investigate what has happened and take the necessary measures”, at the same time that they have expressed their feelings for the “bad experience” of the user.


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