July 28, 2021

A young Spanish woman brings her solutions for education in Africa to the UN

Marta Borrell, a 16-year-old Spanish girl, will speak on Friday at a forum organized by the United Nations on the occasion of International Education Day to explain her vision on the problems of teaching in Africa and possible solutions.

Borrell has been invited to participate in the event for being the host of the documentary “A light in the dark”, a film in which, with the help of her parents, she analyzes the reason for school failure in many African schools and that the Next October in Spain.

Speaking to Efe, the young woman explains that the idea of ​​the film came from a trip to Morocco that she made with her institute.

“I was very shocked that there are still towns and places where education and children continue to suffer so much on a daily basis,” says Borrell.

Upon returning to Spain, the student was determined to do something and that something ended up being a documentary, for which she traveled during her summer vacation to Mozambique in order to know first hand the situation in rural schools of that country, One of the poorest in the world.

There, remember, one of the things that caught his attention was the “number of children in school but without really knowing where they go or why they go to school”, the absence of an education that can have a future and the case of teenagers of their age they had been raped or mistreated by their teachers.

Afterwards, he spent almost two years interviewing personalities in the field of education, all with the idea of ​​finding solutions to the educational problems that occur in many areas of Africa.

His conclusion is that changes are needed in several important areas, starting with the need to train teachers to be able to help children and really prepare them for their lives.

Borrell also sees that it is essential to take into account the contents that are taught and that adapt to social reality, to tackle corruption in the field of international aid for education and that organizations that create these goals are met.

In addition, he insists that it is key to “help instead of imposing,” since he recognizes that it is sometimes difficult to try to collaborate from outside without imposing one’s culture.

“I think the most important thing is to learn to listen to all these people, because nobody can change their area better than themselves,” he says.


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