January 22, 2021

A young Sevillian businessman teaches strategies to invest in the Stock Market from scratch




“The financial culture in our country leaves a lot to be desired and the stock market, we better not even talk. The phrase, which is not textual, faithfully reflects the opinions of various professors and experts in economics and business, who coincide in pointing out that, if we Spaniards knew more about finances, another rooster would sing to us. “People are short of money, especially now, due to the coronavirus crisis. But not even those who have it know very well what to do with it.

A young Sevillian businessman teaches strategies to invest in the Stock Marketright from the start, aware of this «general suspense» of the Spanish in finance. Is called Enrique Moris Vega, is 27 years old and has started several successful digital businesses. His challenge is to teach those who wish to handle the stock market in seven days, even if they have no prior knowledge.

Enrique Moris He is not a “King Midas,” nor does he promise Nirvana. His “kingdom” is of this world and, with his feet on the ground and his head on his shoulders, he imparts from his company, Tradeando.net, a Stock market course innovative, based on its experience acquired during the last years. Enrique Moris he wants to teach how to operate on the trading floor “from scratch,” as he tells ABC. He says that not only do you not need prior knowledge, but you also do not need to spend a large sum of money. No cheating or cardboard. Only work.

Training in ‘day trading’ consists of learning how to carry out stock trading operations to buy and sell assets on the same day

Since 2015, every first Monday in October the Financial Education Day is celebrated in Spain, at the initiative of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) and the Bank of Spain, to raise awareness of the importance of being well trained in financial matters for the development of daily life. Five years of commemoration and ten since the appearance of the first Financial Advisory Company (EAF) in our country, which even today go unnoticed by the vast majority of the population.

Share knowledge

The stock market training it imparts Enrique Moris is a «Stock Market course for dummies», as it is now said, in which the key to its results lies in daily work and individual effort. Only on this will the success of each depend; there is no other method.

«I share knowledge and experiences; I teach my strategy to operate profitably on the Stock Market “, he also points out Enrique Moris on his Instagram account. “Once the training is received, the benefits will depend on the time that each person spends practicing the strategies and techniques learned, their level of knowledge of these and the individual skills of each one,” he tells ABC.

Day trading strategies

The formation of Enrique Moris It is 100% online and consists of a strategy learned with his experience in ‘day trading’. That is to say; carry out stock trading operations for the purchase and sale of assets, which are entered and exited on the same day. These operations can be carried out with currencies, with stocks, with raw materials or with other financial assets.

Such operations of ‘day trading’ (“Trade of the day”, literally translated into Spanish) allow the “Trader”, or investor, realize capital gains daily without being continuously exposed to the market.

Certain risks are assumed, yes, due to market volatility. But the returns are high. The more volatility, the greater the profit obtained, although the risk of loss is also greater if it is not operated in the proper way.

Complete training

Raul Lama, commercial director of the project, comments that «due to the current situation in which we live, many people are trying to leave the hotel industry, traditional commerce and similar activities, towards other means of sustenance and other ‘modus vivendi’, as can be the world of the Stock Market ».

“Due to the current situation we are living in, many people are trying to leave the hotel industry, traditional commerce and similar activities, towards other means of sustenance and other ‘modus vivendi’, such as the world of the Stock Market”

This online training on the method of Enrique Moris It is preceded by a free introductory course to the world of the Stock Market, designed for those who do not have any prior knowledge. The complete training has a series of modules, where you can follow step by step from choosing and operating a broker (the software with which we buy and sell shares), as well as the method itself, risk management and even a tax advice module.

Likewise, the training will include lifetime access to the platform, with all the contents: the personalized advice from Enrique Moris himself and access to a private channel, where all the live operations of You die, as proof that it exists in the whole process total and absolute transparency.

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