November 30, 2020

A young man killed in Detroit during the protests over the events of Minneapolis

A young man died in Detroit tonight, shot while participating in protests over the death of African-American Georges Floyd at the hands of the Police in Minneapolis, an event that is generating altercations in more and more cities in the United States.

According to police sources citing US media, a 19-year-old man was shot during the protests and authorities are searching for the assailant.

The event occurred shortly before midnight on Friday when an individual in a vehicle fired multiple shots at a group of people protesting Floyd’s death before escaping.

The young man was taken to a city hospital, where his death was confirmed.

Detroit Police are investigating the event and collecting data to locate the suspect.

George Floyd, 40, died last Monday when he was detained on suspicion of trying to use a fake $ 20 bill at a supermarket. In videos recorded by passers-by, one of the four officers who participated in the arrest is seen, and who were later expelled from the body, subjecting Floyd to the ground, climbing on him and pressing his knee on his neck for several minutes, without heed her pleas that she cannot breathe.

Since then, the riots over Floyd’s death have spread to different cities in the United States, but have not been alleviated in Minneapolis, where they originated, with the imposed curfew or with the arrest and prosecution of the agent directly involved.


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