A young man dies who got into the water at dawn on Zurriola beach in Guipúzcoa

Surveillance file photo on the Ertzaintza beaches

Surveillance file photo on the Ertzaintza beaches

The Emergency Services of the Basque Government They have located this Friday morning in the waters of Zurriola beach, in San Sebastián, the lifeless body of a young man, as reported by the Basque Department of Security. The facts started at about a quarter to five in the morning when a private individual reported to a patrol of the Municipal Guard of San Sebastián de that two of his friends had jumped into the water and he had lost sight of them.

Soon after, it has started a search device with the mobilization of resources from the Ertzaintza, firemen, health, Red Cross and the participation of a Maritime Rescue helicopter, coordinated by a technician from the Directorate of Emergency Attention of the Basque Government. In this way, one of the two men who had jumped into the water has been found in good condition shortly after in the area of ​​the rocks of the beach. Around seven in the morning, displaced resources, with the collaboration of some people who were in the place surfing, have found at the bottom of the water the body of the young man missing.

After transferring to the port in a boat, medical services have confirmed his death. The body has been evacuated to the San Sebastián Forensic Pathology Service. The Ertzaintza processes the corresponding police report to clarify the circumstances of this tragic event.


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