June 23, 2021

A young man arrested for spreading a video with threats to Pedro Sánchez for his management of the coronavirus crisis

The video shows the now-arrested, a Spanish national, promulgating threats, insults and “harshly” criticizing the government’s management of health in this crisis.

In addition to insulting him, he accuses him of sending people to work “to bring the viruses home to us, and you send us to the streets to die. You, with your private doctors, live well and are not afraid of the virus.”

He tells him that he is a “criminal” and that he will go for the Prime Minister with “all legal and if not illegal means, you are going to pay for what you have done and your hope of saving yourself is that I am not alive, I plan to go to you and to all of your ilk “.

“You who defend feminism, you threw thousands of women on the street on March 8, knowing that they were going to catch it, to die on the street. It is very good for you, your wife with the virus, your partners with the virus, I I’m happy for you to touch the fiber, but you have no heart, “he says.


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