August 5, 2021

A young man arrested for reckless homicide after causing an accident in Barcelona

A young man arrested for reckless homicide after causing an accident in Barcelona

The Mossos d'Esquadra arrested today a young man accused of a crime of reckless homicide after causing an accident on the C-55 road at the height of Callús (Barcelona) in which the driver of the vehicle against whom It has crashed.

The autonomic police considers the young person presumed guilty of an offense of reckless homicide and two crimes against road safety, one for driving with a criminally punishable alcoholic rate and giving positive in narcotics and the other for driving without having the current permit for the loss of points.

The detainee, aged 27, has Spanish nationality and is a resident of Manresa (Barcelona), as reported by the Mossos in a statement.

The accident took place shortly before 07:00 hours, when two cars hit the C-55, at kilometer 41.6, in the municipality of Callús.

When arriving at the scene of the accident, the agents have seen that one of the drivers involved was seriously injured, while the other had fled from there on foot. A third vehicle has also been affected by the collision, but its driver has been unharmed.

The very injured driver died late this afternoon at the hospital to which he was transferred.

After locating the missing driver, who was not injured, the police found that the young man was driving without the permit in force and that he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

In fact, it has given a positive result in the blood alcohol test of 0.61 mg / l in expired air, more than twice the maximum limit allowed.

The detainee, who has a record, will be available in the next few hours to the magistrate's office in charge of guard in Manresa.

After the fatal accident, a group of citizens has demonstrated in the C-55 and they have cut it for a while to demand its unfolding in order to reduce the accident rate of the road.


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