July 8, 2020

A Yemeni medalist dies drowned trying to reach Melilla

The authorities of Melilla located the body of a man of about 24 years, a few meters from the port's shoulder, which allegedly He had disappeared two days before, when he arrived in a patera that left him 30 meters from the Melilla coast. The body was identified as that of Yemen athlete Helal Alhaj, international medalist in a discipline of kung fu.

According to the witness who denounced his disappearance before the Temporary Stay Center (CETI), they arrived together but when he got off the patera he disappeared, which put the Special Underwater Activities Group (GEAS) on alert, who were in charge of searching and find the body. Helal Alhaj competed during his sports career in wushu, heiress of kung fu and won the bronze medal at the 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games, in Baku (Azerbaijan) and at the Asian Games held in Jakarta (Indonesia) last year.

Authorities expect the autopsy to reveal something else about the cause of his death. His body has been delivered to the Yemeni embassy responsible for transporting the corpse from Melilla to Madrid for repatriation The wars in Syria and Yemen have caused a flood of citizens from these countries trying to reach our country.

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