A year after the pandemic, the Government will approve 7,000 million in direct aid to companies




In the absence of a few hours for the extraordinary Council of Ministers tomorrow to give the green light to the new economic aid package to face the crisis derived from the pandemic, the Government has begun to filter the figures on how the three funds will be structured. business support. Government sources have confirmed that direct aid will rise to 7 billion, which will be managed from the autonomous communities, while the remaining 4,000 million will be divided between the other two funds, the debt restructuring with public endorsement of the ICO (3,000 million) and the recapitalization of medium-sized companies (1,000 million) , managed from the central Administration.

Other sources also point out that it will be established “A common territorial framework” for the entire fund of direct aid, which would finish filing one of the points that has caused the most debate in the Government. In any case, the distribution of amounts has been well received in the environment of United We Can, although in the socialist ranks it is insisted that the figures were already closed early in the week “despite the noise.” From Unidos Podemos it was claimed that, of the 11,000 million in the fund, a total of 8,000 would be in direct aid.

The measure will come 16 days later that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced in the Congress of Deputies that he was working on this new aid plan, after a hard year of pandemic, and leaves behind a new gap within the coalition. But in addition, the stimulus package has shown a much deeper debate between the PSOE ministers themselves on how far you want to support the economy by increasing the debt and the deficit. One pulse for which the Minister of Economy, Nadia calviño, has relied on its counterpart from the Treasury, Maria Jesus Montero, more tending to austerity, compared to other ministers such as the Minister of Industry, Reyes Maroto, or the Minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos, who have pressed to launch the new impulses with greater speed.

The details of the plan still depend on its approval in the Council of Ministers tomorrow, but government sources confirm that direct aid will go to companies with drops in your turnover of more than 30%, among other issues. Other possibilities that are on the table is to link the aid to a clause for maintaining employment, similar to that of the ERTEs due to Covid. The Tax Agency will be in charge of controlling that fraud is not carried out with these public resources.

The tensions experienced during these last days promise to leave scars in relations between economic powers leading socialists Calviño and Montero, and those of United We Can, with Nacho Alvarez, Secretary of State for Social Affairs, at the helm. In the environment of the economic vice president, a strong malaise is recognized by the attempt of a secretary of state without economic powers to mark key lines of economic policies. However, from United We Can, the anger came from the lack of dialogue that the socialists maintain regarding key measures.

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