May 18, 2021

A Wrestling World Cup in search of excellence – The Province

A Wrestling World Cup in search of excellence - The Province

An event to externalize and enhance the image of the Canarian wrestling. From 5 to 8 December will be held at the Sports Center of Gran Canaria, the Wrestling World Championship, a championship that "is only a first seed" to plant a tournament that aims to become an annual reference in the vernacular sport calendar. All with a longing in the background of the exhibition: get one day that the Canarian struggle is a World Heritage Site.

"The Canary Islands deserve to have a reference championship at the international level, maybe it does not have the content of countries or disciplines of struggle that has South Korea with its championship, but this is our first edition, "said Juan Ramón Marcelino, president of the Canaria Canarian Wrestling Federation, during which the head of the federation sent a" hardship "to the Canarian institutions. came the information that the ssireum fight has been declared World Heritage. The Canarian struggle deserves it. The first step was to declare it an Asset of Cultural Interest and I believe that the next step would be for the federations, institutions and society to make that decided bet for the fight, "he stressed.

The tournament will have representatives of the Leonese struggle, from the Castilian province, and Koreans, with their struggle ssireum [en una delegación de 40 personas, incluido una televisión del país asiático, con traslado costeado por ellos]. Along the way, faced with the bureaucratic difficulties, the Senegalese fighters remained, representatives of the laamb.

The competition, in addition, meets one of the demands of the fighters of the Archipelago: an individual championship. On Wednesday, December 5 will be the official presentation, with a sample of the different disciplines open doors. On Thursday, December 6, the competition will begin, where only foreigners will face canary fighting, in search of places for the absolute tournament, in morning and afternoon sessions, pending the final of the international section for the last day of competition. For Friday, December 7, the eliminatory matches between the outstanding fighters (A, B and C) and the unclassified, in search of a place for the absolute, as well as juveniles and females. To conclude, the 8th of December the Absolute Tournament will be held, with outstanding, juvenile and at least 15 struts of the 23 that are in the Canary Islands, which will start from thirty years ago.

Tickets can be purchased through the official website of the Canarian Federation ( The bonus for the three dates will have a price of 10 euros, while the seats per day will cost 5 euros, except the final that has a price of 7 euros.

The Sports Center of the Island, with the portable terrain of San Mateo, will relive the historic nights of struggle on the Avenida Marítima. José Francisco Pérez, Director General of Sports of the Canary Islands Government and Alfredo Gonçalvez, manager of the Insular Institute of Sports, escorted Marcelino in the presentation of the tournament. "There were unforgettable evenings, events where the Avenida Marítima was packed in. It's the first edition, but why not consolidate it here?" Said Gonçalvez.

"Lack of decency in the Canarian struggle at the federal level"

José Francisco Pérez, general director of Sports of the Government of the Canary Islands, attacked the previous board of the Canarian Federation of Lucha Canaria. "Those who were directing they lacked commitment and I do not say a harder word because it is complicated, but also decency, I speak at a federative level," said Pérez.

With Juan Ramón Marcelino in the presidency, the Federation commissioned a external audit to assess the state of the federal accounts for the last eight years, which correspond to the mandates of Germán Rodríguez. "There were very serious problems that fortunately have already happened, and from the first minute with this meeting we agreed morally to work together and create the need for companies to arrive, interest of the media … We are in that way, "he confirmed. The conclusions of the audit will be known in a few weeks at a press conference.


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